Mechanical Prophylaxis Against DVT Recommended for Outpatient Surgery Procedures

Tampa, Fla. – Mechanical prophylaxis was recently recommended as one of the top three ways to prevent post-surgery blood clots. For health care professionals that deal with patients after knee and hip surgeries, abdominoplasty, breast surgery, or other cosmetic procedures, sequential compression devices can help lessen fatal complications such as deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and an embolism.

SCDs boots have “…been shown to be as effective as pharma without any side effects or risks of bleeding,” said Outpatient Surgery Magazine in June. Readers and facilities noted that, “…sequential compression devices were used on patients undergoing procedures longer than one hour.”

A patient risk factor scale and low molecular weight heparins were also recommended by the magazine as the top ways to prevent DVT. Health care professionals can sometimes have a hard time finding sequential compression devices, or if they can locate them, the need is for urgent delivery.

Vascular PRN rents and ships SCD boots and pneumatic compression therapy devices to all 50 states, with the ability for overnight delivery to most locations. The rental option assures that a prescription is filled promptly, yet avoids the substantial cash outlay of an equipment purchase that may sit idle for long periods between prescriptions. The company partners with the best compression therapy equipment brands that are known for their quality and built to withstand even the most rigorous medical demands.

“We are here to help you find the best vascular pump to fill your prescription,” said Vascular PRN’s President Greg Grambor. “All of our devices excel in patient comfort and efficacy, and can be used before, during and after a patient’s surgery.”

Vascular PRN has decades of experience meeting the healthcare industry’s urgent compression therapy needs. Their knowledgeable specialists have helped hospitals, nursing homes, surgery centers, managed care organizations, and other institutions. Their website has product images, sizing guides, and frequently asked questions to help professionals choose the right compression booties for their patient.

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