Vascular PRN Now Offers KCI’s Skin IQ™ Microclimate Manager

Tampa, Fla. – Vascular PRNSM is proud to announce it now offers the KCI Skin IQ™ Microclimate Manager (MCM) for sale. The waterproof coverlet has a bacterial barrier and KCI’s Negative Airflow Technology to reduce moisture and skin temperature. Thus, it is a powerful product that healthcare professionals can use to prevent and manage a patient’s pressure ulcers.

The Skin IQ™ MCM can be used with many of the pressure redistribution mattresses used in long-term care facilities. Most health care facilities seldom use the more effective technologies such as Low Air Loss because they are more costly. Using the existing pressure redistribution mattresses that are already on site with a Skin IQ™ mattress cover gives the effectiveness of Low Air Loss for a lot less. A Skin IQ™ mattress cover does more to prevent new pressure ulcers and better treats existing ones, thus lowering the overall costs on the Medicare’s non-reimbursable, “never events” of decubitus ulcers. The product is for single patient use, maintains a patient’s skin integrity, and can help decrease nosocomial risk when used early on as part of the patient’s therapy, KCI said.

“Controlling microclimate is an important and often overlooked area of pressure ulcer prevention,” said Joyce Black, Ph.D. and RN at the University of Nebraska and the former president of the National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel. “It may be the missing link in providing the best skin care for patients. When heat and humidity rise in the skin, more blood and oxygen are needed, and with skin under pressure, these nutrients cannot be supplied.”

Vascular PRNSM offers the Skin IQ™ MCM to healthcare professionals throughout the United States. They can ship the product in bulk to a healthcare facility overnight at a great value. Vascular PRN has decades of experience assisting nursing homes, surgery centers and other institutions with their patient’s decubitus ulcers and compression therapy needs.

“The Skin IQ™ MCM benefits patients immensely and will let nurses and physicians have more time to spend on treating a patient’s bigger issues,” said Vascular PRN’s President Greg Grambor. “This KCI coverlet creates a good healing environment.”

Vascular PRN’s website at is a resource for directors of nursing, nursing home administrators, and medical professionals to find out more about the Skin IQ™ MCM and compression therapy. The site features industry news, frequently asked questions, and director of nursing and healthcare jobs.

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