When you need compression therapy equipment for a patient in your facility stat, Vascular PRN is here to provide it. Whether you are in long term care or critical care, you need efficient and quick access to compression therapy for your patients. Vascular PRN is the expert that is here to assist with every step of your compression therapy needs.

Every day we help clients with compression therapy equipment that is needed for treatment of lymphedema or for DVT prevention before, during and after a surgery. Compression therapy is advantageous in other preventative situations, such as when your patient becomes non-ambulatory for more than 3 days or when semi-ambulatory patients are very sedentary. It reduces inflammation and can provide pain relief in post trauma and post surgical patients.

Call us with any and every compression therapy question. With our years of experience, Vascular PRN is a trusted source to meet all your compression therapy needs. We provide service to all 50 states.

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