Sequential Compression Devices (SCDs) and Intermittent Compression Devices for DVT Prevention and Treatment of Lymphedema

Vascular PRN is the expert for all your compression therapy equipment needs. Whether you are in long term care or critical care, we provide you efficient and quick access to compression therapy for your patients. We also are the go-to people for managed care organizations when worker’s compensation and other cases call for compression therapy. Vascular PRN strives to provide the lowest rental cost and will work with you to achieve the best value.

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Every day we help clients with compression therapy equipment that is needed for their patient before, during, and after a surgery. Compression therapy is even advantageous in preventative situations, such as venous insufficiency and can provide pain mitigation in cases of limb injuries and inflammation. We partner with the best compression therapy equipment brands that have a solid reputation for quality and are built to withstand even the most rigorous medical demands.

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Lymphedema management:

Prophylaxis of deep vein thrombosis: