Bariatric Solutions

When a patient’s leg size exceeds the capabilities of lymphatic or vascular leg sleeves, Vascular PRN has a solution. Foot compression machines such as the PlexiPulse provide comfortable wraps that fit patients regardless of size. By compressing the plantar venous plexis, they force blood up through the deep veins of the legs more effectively than an SCD. It assists in prevention of blood clots/DVT prophylaxis, edema reduction, wound healing and is known for its high patient compliance and ease of use.

The American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS) highly recommends compression therapy devices, “during early post-operative ambulation and peri-operative use… the use of lower extremity sequential compression devices are safe and suggested for all bariatric patients when feasible.” (ASMBS position paper June 2007)

Obesity and being sedentary already are leading causes for DVT, so measures to prevent the onset of blood clots through compression therapy machines are advised.

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