At risk individuals need devices that help them prevent deep vein thrombosis and life-threatening blood clots. There are many devices on the market that can help a patient get more blood flow depending on what area of the body is affected and the person’s body type. But many of the devices depend on being plugged in for their power and make around-the-clock prevention difficult.

In comes the PolyGel Ca5 DVTCare System. This is a truly portable external compression device that helps a patient’s venous system and decreases blood pooling, venous stasis, and venous congestion. The PolyGel DVTCare device weighs only 15 ounces, has a battery that lasts for 15 hours for one leg and 8 hours for two legs, and is carried in a pouch with a strap much like a small shoulder bag.

The convenience and portability of the device can greatly increase compliance in nursing home settings, hospitals, and home care. No longer does a patient need to find an outlet to ensure compliance. The patient can go from their bed, get in the car, get therapy, and go about their day normally with ease.

It also has a variable pressure setting so patients and their doctors can adjust the pressure to the patient’s comfort level. Many medical professionals also like the PolyGel portable DVT device because it works fluidly even after it needs to be plugged in. Much like other electronic devices, it will continue working while recharging. The cuffs can also be hand washed and have a one-year warranty.

This portable sequential compression device can be prescribed for individuals who are at higher risk of blood clots including those who have upcoming long car rides, bus or airplane travel, otherwise known as the “economy class syndrome”. Those who have also had recent surgeries, applicable medical conditions, and other risk factors are great candidates for this portable device that provides unparalleled compliance and better outcomes for a patient.

Beyond DVT prevention, the PolyGel DVTCare device can be a great treatment tool for wound care clinicians to utilize in their patient care. This can help intermittent claudication, reduce post surgery or post injury pain, and help patients who are immobile during therapy and treatment cycles.

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